What kind of liar are you?

There are 3 basic types of dishonest behavior :

1) The "BORN" liar. From an early age, this person has continually told small stories about inconsequential matters. Such a liar reports that he was reading when, in fact, he was sleeping. He fabricates stories about events in his past and constantly distorts the truth in subtle ways that seem almost unnoticeable--at first.

One can usually catch the born liar easily enough by doing a little simple checking. But be warned. When confronted, he usually excuses himself by pleading " a poor memory."

2.) The "I'LL AVOID TROUBLE" liar. He or She doesn't lie all the time, only when there is pressure or a significant problem..

The "I'll avoid trouble" liar as well as the "born liar" have one thing in common. Their lying is rarely thought out, but rather impulsive and poorly planned. These people have what is usually considered a character disorder. They habitually distort reality with no apparent remorse unless they are caught. Then they often fabricate the remorse to get people to "forgive and forget".

3.) The "PROTECTOR" liar. This kind believes the truth would be just too much for his or her partner, so they lie in order to "protect".

Unlike the first two liars, the "protector liar" does not necessarily have a character disorder. He or She does not resort to dishonesty in order to save face or to win his partner's admiration. Usually his lying bothers him. But he feels telling the lies is worth it, because he wants to spare her the anxiety of everyday disappointments and uncertainties.